Thursday, October 04, 2007

My first yarn dyeing adventure

So I've been wanting to dye my iwn yarn for a long time and the sock swap I did was the perfect chance to try it. I bought the yarn from this great site, and I fell in love with it, I had never used wool yarn before and this yarn was so soft for some reason I was thinking it was going to be itchy since the crocheted blanket my great grandmother made me was wool and it was super itchy. Okay, back to the point, I started with 1 pound of yarn and split it into one 2oz. section and split the rest into 3 sections and I bought alot of kool-aid like $5 worth. I wasn't enough as you can see in the first pictures.

I dyed one section pink and purple, one blue and green but green was hard to find so at first I just dyed the blue half, one section orange and yellow, and he smallest section dark red and yellow orange color that was suppose to be gold for a harry potter sock.

SO this was my yarn after all done dyeing yay me, I think I'm going to start dyeing my own yarn more often.

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