Thursday, October 18, 2007

lots of hand sewing

After almost a full day of hand sewing with one sad bent needle I almost finished the paws, I just have to addthe elastic and elastic casing, I finished the booties and I just have to take in the hood I made today a little, tomorrow I have to add the contrasting belly, make the candy bag and add the bow tie, I think thats all but I could be forgeting something and I could have a lot more work to do. I'm almost done with my costume, I just have to finish hand sewing the last 5 inches of one of the legs and add a waist band and velcro and possible get more fabric if I have any money and make a hoodie. OH and I have to make a teddy bear that looks like the costume to put in the candy bag peeking out. urrrrrrrgggggggggggggg I hope this all works out. the good thing is that this thick fleece is really easy to sew and you don't see any seems so there are no mess ups.

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