Friday, April 11, 2008

New Sweatpants

I made myself a pair of yoga type pants out of a 2XL hoodie (we had two and no one wears them) they are dark green and super comfy I'm going to take pictures of them later and post them. I tried to make a pair out of a t-shirt from my husbands work but the sleeves were too short to make a waist band so i have to get some fabric to finish them. I have 5 small items and one medium item done for the giant swap im in and tomorrow is my husbands 21s birthday so I'm decorating the house with lots of birthday happiness today before h gets home from work. The weather here in Reno is really nice 78 degrees tomorrow and 81 on sunday a super nice weekend to be outside. OOOOOO I almost forgot I got another guinea pig she is so cute, she has really short black fur with a few brown spot and a little white spot on her nose, her name is Puddles I dont think i need to explain that one. when i post pictures of my sweatpant im probably going to put up a picture of her too.