Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deadliest catch makes me cry

I was sitting here watching deadliest catch and one of the captains had a stroke. All I could think of when they showed him lying in the hospital bed was seeing my dad is a similar position. It was the scarest thing that ever happen and for weeks after my dad had his all I could see when I closed my eyes was my dads face. I still have nightmares about it even a year and half later. I'm so happy that my dad has completely recovered but it still scares me that he might have another one.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I miss Sweeny

Yesterday my 3 year old guinea pig, Sweeny, died, I'm pretty upset about it. She was one of my babies, I've been crying almost all day. The hubby buried her today which made me cry even more. I feel so lame for crying so much over a pig but she has been such a big part of our lives since we got her. Our other pig, Puddles, isn't dealing with it well, she is so sad and our chinchilla, Pet, is upset too, she keeps barking at us and biting at us. Its crazy how the death of one pig can alter so many things. The good thing is that Collin is dealing with it well since all he knows is death, he has been into 6 funerals during his four years of life so its not a big deal for him. He says that she is happy now because she gets to be in heaven and have all the hay and fruit she wants. The picture is from when we first got her, she was almost 5 times the size as she was in the picture. She was such a great pet, she will be missed.