Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little Hiccup

The hubbys new job didn't work out, they basically told him it was mma or his job and well mma wins. Its what makes him happy and I completely support his decision. Its just one more little hiccup in a long list of them since we got married but things are still good. I'm really hoping he can fight soon because its what he wants so much, I'm not sure how I feel about seeing him hit someone just because I never have before, I have no problems with the violence it just when it comes to him. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.
I got a call from my little sissy who is 13 on friday, she is probably going to get suspended from school for punching a boy in the face and giving him a bloody nose, she gave him fair warning that he shouldn't mess with her anymore but he just kept at it. I dyed her hair yesterday so she looks pretty when her and my mom go the the school on tuesday.
On the crafting front, I've been super productive. I almost have this super awesome plaid dress done. I just have to hem it and take in the top some. I'm in more then a few swap but I'm pretty much done crafting for most of them. My destashing was going well but my mom gave me a ton of yarn which I'm not complaining about but now I have more to use up. I really need to work on the hubbys deadpool doll so I can give it to him for our anniversary and I have to finish my sissys sweater that I was suppose to give her for christmas.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I love the new year

This year is awesome so far, the hubby has a new job, the crafts are almost organized and I feel ambitious. I'm taking awesome classes, I love learning about religion. I can find most of the stuff I look for when I craft. Istill suck at finishing project but I'm working on finishing all of the half finished things under my bed or shoved in my WIP drawer.