Friday, December 21, 2007

christmas update

okay just a couple day before christmas and I am almost done with my crafty gifts, the scarf for my step mom is done, a little elephant and 2 peices of my dads blanket are done and an elephant for him, I'm going to finish his blanket after christmas, and a pink bear for a family friend is done but the sweater I'm making for her isn't, I still haven't finished the second sleeve and I have to adda couple of inches to the bottom. I'm going to post pictures of everything probably after christmas. and the rush is on. I was trying to get the sleeve done today but my arms hurt really bad from my super bad hair day I'm having today, and to top off a bad hair day, when I dyed my hair on tuesday I missed a few place and it didn't take everywhere so I have to fix it soon.

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