Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am so lazy

I am so bad at keeping up with things but heres a little update. I have one sleeve, the back and part of one side of the front done of a sweat I'm making for my self and I started a simplier on that I'm making out of hand spun yarn I got from a friend of mine, I'm almost done with my dads blanket I just have two more border sides to go, i organized a swap on craftsters, the couples swap, and I just joined a huge swap, the giant multi-theme swap. Thats my crafty update now for a personal one, my hubby got two test for two different police departments for May, I'm super excited for him and he has bronchitis again and a broken capulary (I know its spelled wrong) in his throat so hes bee coughing up blood we are just lucky that he broke it when his did and went to the doctor before the bronchitis turned into pnemounia again. I have a new job that I'm unsure if I like in or not yet. I'm still looking for a distance learning school for college I think I've found a couple of them I just have to pick the perfect one and then hope I get the federal funding. Collin is potty training which is an adventure we had a big set back when we went on vacation for 5 day and he was too busy to use the potty so now we have to start all over. MY chest is bruised from a concert I went to with my hubby, the dropkick murphys, we were right up front and the railing was chest height and when there are a ton of people pushing behind you and your smashed against a metal fence pretty much it tends to bruise. other then that there isn't much going on.

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