Monday, November 19, 2007

new project idea

Right now my husband hates his job and in january he is putting in his applications to become a police officer and he turns 21 in april so when he get accepted he plans on taking a month off of work before he starts the police academy since it pretty much consumes your life when your in it. when he takes that month off we are going to go on a nice vaction to visit my aunt who lives in washington and my grandma who live in california, we live in nevada, so I was thinking about it the other day and I remember the last time we visited my grandma it was a mess since we don't own any luggage just duffle bags, I am going to make use luggage, I found this really cute bag tutorial on craftster and I think if I just make them bigger they will work great, I am making a tester bag that I am going to use as a diaper bag since I hate the one I have now. If it works I am going to start picking out fabric soon.

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